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Tenga 3D ZEN


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Tenga 3D is a modern line of masturbators that you can use repeatedly up to 50 times. All this allows easy cleaning of the masturbator. Just turn the ruby and rinse. The bases that come with the masturbator ensure easy storage and protection against dirt. Five different mastrubators, which differ in the inner surface, which is different for each Teng, so that everyone can choose the masturbator that suits them best. Tenga 3D are made of soft and gentle material, which, however, can irritate very intensely. The package always contains a sample of Tenga Hole Lotion lubricating gel Tenga 3D ZEN The whole surface is wrinkled with slight grooves that will engulf you with their tenderness and provide the most subtle form of massage. It will become a necessity for all who can enjoy moments of relaxation.

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